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Service Support

  Companies adhering to the "customer needs is our pursuit of" business philosophy, through customer contact, collect customer information, understand customer needs, provide solutions to solve customer problems and meet customer needs, so that customers get the services they need, the right Companies that provide services generate trust and establish and maintain a corporate brand image, so customer service becomes an important strategic point in the business structure.
  Jia Wo machinery has a professional pre-sale, sale, service team, is between the customer and sales department of the bridge.
  Adhering to the "customer needs is our pursuit of" the concept of providing customers with timely technical support and improvement programs, opened a 24-hour service hotline, customer information is timely and effective feedback and answers. And provide grinder-related knowledge and information, while maintaining the brand image of Jintai to help its growth and development.
  Pre-sales communication - sales follow-up - after-sales service - analysis and improvement
  solemn commitment:
  1. I plant all products sold for one year warranty period, free warranty repair site (man-made or irresistible natural phenomena caused by the failure or damage, except).
  2. After receiving notification of repair, within 2 working days arrived at the scene and solve the problem.
  3. Users can consult the technical issues through the after-sales phone, and get a clear solution. After-sales service Tel: 400-166-1808.
  4. During the warranty period, the following conditions will be implemented paid maintenance services:
  (1) Damage that occurs due to man-made or irresistible natural phenomena;
  (2) Failure or damage due to improper operation;
  (3) Failure or damage due to product modification, decomposition, assembly.
  Accessories Sales: We will provide you with excellent service outstanding products: including a variety of vulnerable products, consumables and other accessories.
  Sales Hotline: 0563-5070112
  Accuracy repair / machine transformation
  Accuracy Repair: Raise your machine's performance
  Reduce machine maintenance and repair costs
  Reduce non-normal downtime
  Improve machine utilization
  Reduce various costs
  Machine modifications: New economics for your machine
  Investment costs are lower than purchasing a new machine
  Advanced components to achieve functional expansion
  Extended application range and improved processing quality
  · Higher productivity and economy
  Courses & Training
  Human resources are the resources and drivers for the development of the enterprise under the requirements of rapid productivity growth. Competitive advantage is not by chance, we hope that training programs to make your employees more capable of promoting the development of your business.
  Training course objectives
  · Coordinate the current technological capabilities and future skills shortages
  Master important technologies and improve competitiveness
  Master the knowledge of grinding procedures and improve the quality of grinding
  Reduce the costs of wrong behavior and corrective actions
  Based on grinding knowledge, lower-cost, more efficient production
  Training Course Features
  Directly in the machine tool manufacturer to solve the problem of workpiece grinding technology
  Lectured by experienced trainers in a professional learning environment
  · Training materials consisting of texts and rich cases
  Training can be tailored to a specific machine model or specific grinding application
  · Learn the common control technology oriented by the grinding process and the workpiece-oriented numerical control programming
  Professional engineering and technical staff stand ready for your production escort
  Set hundred director, to provide you with grinding solutions
  Your advice - is the cornerstone of our continuous improvement.
  Technical Service Hotline: 4006-360-320