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Job Title: Sales Manager
Number of hiring: 1 people
Work Location: Jiangsu / Zhejiang
Gender requirements: not limited
Work experience: 3 years sales experience
Age requirements: not limited
job requirements:
1, college degree or above, mechanical specialty;
2, with 3 years of sales experience;
3, a person's successful experience, with industry experience in customer management and team led experience is particularly good;
4, keen thinking, have excellent communication and public relations ability and ability to plan implementation, have some market research, planning and project planning capabilities, the courage to withstand the pressure of work;
5, a good overall situation and teamwork, honest and honest people, work carefully, with team spirit, to adapt to the necessary travel;
6, industry-related work experience is better.
Job content:
1, collect customer feedback, analyze market trends, changes in demand, competitors, distribution agents;
2, the development of designated new agents in the industry, maintaining the designated area of the new distribution agents, customer relations;
3, To assist the designated agents to open up the market trade, technology bidding;
4, to assist the designated industry distribution agents daily sales work;
5, responsible for the designated trade product sales payment reconciliation and payment recovery;
6, the development of designated industry sales forecasting plan to help dealers reach the annual target.
Job responsibilities:
1. According to the performance indicators, formulate the sales plan of the target market, screen the target customers of each product in the target market, visit and understand the demand, actively coordinate the internal and external resources to realize the sales and ensure the completion of the sales target;
2, According to business goals for the development of potential agents to understand the dynamic needs of customers, customer feedback in a timely manner the progress of development;
3, according to the department's sales price system and sales policy, maintain good communication with customers, the application of certain collection techniques to ensure the smooth recovery of payment;
4, conduct regular customer visits, keep abreast of customer requirements, develop a certain sales strategy, maintain smooth communication channels with customers, keep abreast of customer requirements;
5, timely assistance in handling customer objections and complaints to meet the needs of long-term business development.