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CNC machine tool industry continues to rapidly rise

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  In recent years, benefited from the national revitalization of equipment manufacturing industry environment and strong demand driven by the market, the domestic machine tool industry there has been rapid technological development, investment enthusiasm situation. Twelfth Five-Year Plan has revitalized the equipment manufacturing industry as the promotion of industrial structure optimization and upgrading of the main content of CNC machine tools has become the rejuvenation of equipment manufacturing industry one of the concerns. In the future, China will develop high-speed, precision and compound CNC metal cutting machine tools; heavy numerical control metal cutting machine tools; CNC special machine tools; large CNC forming stamping equipment and CNC machine tools and other related components.
  Data show that in 2011, China produced 1.0984 million machine tools and achieved a total industrial output value of 660.65 billion yuan, an increase of 32.1% over the same period of last year, of which 272,100 were CNC machine tools, an increase of 15.26%. CNC machine tools have become the mainstream of machine tool consumption. In particular, numerical control machine tools are equipment manufacturing industry, with high-tech, high-tech value-added features is an important focus of the development of strategic emerging industries, the future of CNC machine tools market is huge. Luo Baihui, secretary-general of International Mold and Hardware and Plastic Industry Suppliers Association, said that at present, the demand for products of CNC machine tools is relatively strong, which is prominently manifested in two aspects: firstly, the quantity rapidly increases. CNC machine tools accounted for the proportion of total machine tool consumption rose to 60% or more, and during the second five will continue to rise rapidly.
  On the other hand, the demand for grades is constantly rising. During the 12th FYP period, CNC machine tools are expected to have higher requirements in every area as the revitalization of high-level new products in key areas of equipment manufacturing is under way. Such as the development of large-scale thermal power and nuclear power generating units, manufacturing large-scale chemical equipment, the development of large-scale ocean shipping vessels, the development of large-scale sheet hot and cold rolling complete sets of equipment, the development of high-speed trains, new subway and rail transit vehicles, require a large number of high-speed, precision and dedicated CNC machine tools to manufacture. The development of a new generation of weapons, ships, aircraft, satellites and missiles also sets higher demands on CNC machine tools.
  CNC machine tools market in China has become the mainstream of machine tool consumption, CNC machine tool market in the future huge. Luo Baihui, secretary-general of International Mold and Hardware & Plastics Industry Suppliers Association, said that by 2015, the total assets of China's CNC machine tool industry will exceed 240 billion yuan, the sales revenue will exceed 180 billion yuan and the total profit will reach 12 billion yuan. Speed are above 10%.
  China's CNC machine tools technology will also be greatly improved by the end of 12 five, CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment will achieve a significant increase in independent innovation capability, master a large number of independent intellectual property rights of the technology, the overall level of technology into the international advanced ranks At that time, China will develop a batch of key equipment with world advanced level and high-speed, high-precision vertical and horizontal machining center with large import volume as well as CNC lathes and other products in the market. The rate will be significantly improved.
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