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Centerless Grinder Overview

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  Grinding machines that use a centerless grinding method to grind the rotating surface of a workpiece usually refer to a centerless grinder. In the unintentional cylindrical grinding machine (see picture), the workpiece does not need to be centered and supported, but placed between the grinding wheel and the guide wheel, supported by the pallet and the guide wheel. Grinding wheel is usually installed at the end of the spindle, the wheel width greater than 250 mm is installed in the middle of the spindle, the wheel width up to 900 mm. Grinding wheels rotate at a high speed, the guide wheels rotate in the same direction at a slower speed, which drives the workpiece to rotate for circumferential feeding.
  Centerless cylindrical grinding machine mainly has three kinds of grinding methods; through the type, cut-in and cut into the through-type, through-type centerless grinding (through the grinding), by adjusting the guide wheel axis of the small tilt to achieve axial feed, Suitable for grinding slender cylindrical workpieces, short shafts without center holes and sleeve-type workpieces. Radial infeed is achieved by the movement of the stator carrier or wheel carrier during grinding, suitable for grinding workpieces with shoulders or bosses, as well as curved workpieces with cones, balls or other plain threads. Centerless grinder productivity, coupled with a variety of loading and unloading devices easy to automate, mostly for mass production, by less skilled workers to operate. Centerless grinder grinding precision is generally: roundness 2 microns, dimensional accuracy of 4 microns, high precision centerless grinder can reach 0.5 microns and 2 microns. In addition there are heartless grinder and heartless thread grinder.
Centerless cylindrical grinder productivity. Used for mass production, easy to automate.
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