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Centerless grinding machine processing methods and characteristics

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  Centerless cylindrical grinding machine mainly has three kinds of grinding methods; through-type, cut-in and cut into a through-type, through-type centerless grinding. The workpiece is fed along the axis of the grinding wheel for grinding. Adjust the small inclination of the guide wheel axis to achieve the workpiece axial feed. Suitable for grinding elongated cylindrical workpieces. No center hole short axis and sleeve type of workpiece. Cutting into the heartless grinding. Pallets have axial positioning fulcrum, the workpiece supporting a certain position on the pallet, the wheel or guide wheel cut into the grinding. Used to grind workpieces with shoulders or bosses, as well as conical, spherical or other rotating body workpieces. Cutting into a through-type centerless grinding is a combination of the two. In addition, there are tangential feed grinding and the workpiece with steps into the axial feed back end of the feed grinding.
  Centerless cylindrical grinder productivity. Used for mass production, easy to automate.
  Characteristics of Centerless Cylindrical Grinder Centerless cylindrical grinder mechanism performance compared with the conventional cylindrical grinder has the following characteristics.
  1, continuous processing, no need to retract, clamping artifacts and other replication time is short, high productivity.
  2, Bracket and guide wheel positioning mechanism than ordinary cylindrical grinder center frame body support rigidity, cutting capacity can be large, and is conducive to slender shaft workpiece processing, easy to achieve high-speed grinding and grinding.
  3, unmotivated cylindrical grinder workpiece positioning by external cylindrical positioning mechanism, the amount of grinding is the margin on the workpiece diameter, the grinding wheel wear, feed mechanism compensation and cutting mechanism repeat positioning accuracy error on the part diameter size accuracy Impact. Only half of the ordinary cylindrical grinder, do not need to play the center hole, and easy to advance, unloading automation.
  4, wide grinder centerless grinding machine through institutions, can increase the allowance for each time, when cut into the grinding surface of the complex shape grinding or more grinding wheel, high productivity, a wide range of applications.
  5, unmotivated cylindrical grinding machine to ensure that the grinding surface and non-grinding surface relative position accuracy (coaxiality, perpendicularity, etc.) of the body, the grinding circumferential surface intermittent outer surface when the roundness is poor.
  6, the grinding surface is easy to produce an odd number of degrees roundness, such as larger often cause the measurement size is smaller than the illusion of physical size, which affects the assembly quality and performance.
  7, machine adjustment is more complex and time-consuming, each change the diameter of the workpiece need to red adjust the height of the bracket, and the distance and related process parameters. So adjust the technical difficulty is not suitable for small batch and single production.
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